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"Touring Paris "

Visit Paris in paintings . . . . . . ... . .

. This long serie of impressionist paintings shows my daughter Colombine and her friend visiting Paris.
Characteristics of Impressionist painting include visible brushstrokes, open composition, emphasis on light in its changing qualities (often accentuating the effects of the passage of time), ordinary subject matter, the inclusion of movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience, and unusual visual angles.
. These paintings have been created so you could bring back a wonderful souvenir from Paris or a whole collection.
. You can meet me in one of the Parisian Art Market in Montparnasse or Bastille or take a real appointment trough the "guestbook" top-right of this page.

Cyrille Jubert
Hôtel de Sully :

Back from the Place des Vosges, through the beautiful parisian quartier of the "Marais",
Colombine and Rikki discover through an open gate this wonderful Palace in pure Louis XIII style.
You can visit it : 62, rue Saint-Antoine in PARIS 4ieme - Metro : Saint Paul
Oil on paper : 15 x 20 cm . date of creation : july 2007 - available - 280 euros
Called Hôtel de Sully, this Palace has been built between 1625 et 1630, by the Minister of Finance Mesme Gallet. He built a beautiful town house with a beautiful garden and a luxurious orangerie, that had an access on the Place Royale, today called Place des Vosges. In the heart of the quarter of the "Marais", that was very fashionable at that time, under the regn of Louis the thirteen, King of de France and Navarre (1610-1643).
Maximilien de Béthune, first Duke de Sully, previous minister of finances of the King Henri IV, (Louis XIII's father) bought it on february 23 rd 1634. The old man achieved the decor and lived there his last years. His grand-son, Maximilien, second Duke de Sully, added a wing to the existing building in 1660, on the west side of the Palace in the gardens. The hôtel de Sully is still keeping the name of this family who owned the Palace until the XVIII century. He belonged then to different owners.
Classified "historical monument" in 1862, the Hôtel de Sully became property of the French State in 1944. The restauration of the Palace took nearly 30 years, it was finished in 1973.
Since 1967, it has been the main office of the French National historical monuments called since 2000, Centre des monuments nationaux. (National Monument Center)

Hotel de Sully :

Here, you can admire the second part of the building in the back of the garden. Colombine and Rikki are walking in the serenity of this formal garden "à la française".

Oil on paper : 15 x 20 cm . date of creation : july 2007 - available - 280 euros

A formal garden is a neat and ordered garden laid out in carefully planned geometric and symmetric lines. Lawns and hedges in a formal garden must always be kept neatly clipped. Trees, shrubs, subshrubs and other foliage is carefully arranged, shaped and continually trimmed.
The European formal garden had its origins in sixteenth-century Italian gardens such as Boboli Gardens behind Palazzo Pitti, Florence. The formal parterre was transferred to France, where some of the earliest formal parterres were those laid out at the castle of Anet.
Folie Baroque:

Engravings, lithos, old books or post-cards, Colombine and Rikki find make their shopping. In the freshness of the tree's shadows, they are quiet far from the crowd of Notre Dame.
Enjoy the light of this impressionist painting.

Oil on paper : 15 x 20 cm . date of creation : july 2007 - available - 200 euros

The "bouquinistes" are second-hand booksellers. Their booth are 26,9 feet long. The first ones appeared in 1891 Quai Voltaire, today they are about 250 on the Seine's river banks. You will find them on the right banks from pont Marie to quai du Louvre or on the left bank from quai Malaquais to the quai de la Tournelle.

metro station: "Pont Neuf ", "St Michel " or "Cité"
Behind Saint Eustache :

Rikki and Colombine ...... en cours.

Oil on paper : 15 x 20 cm . date of creation : july 2007 - available - 280 euros
Coming back from .......
Bastille Artists Market :

Discovering the artists 's market in Bastille, here is my friend Christine de Hübsch, a brilliant stylist and jewel creator. Over the artist's booths you see the column of the Bastille Place, with the famous genius at its top.

Oil on paper : 15 x 20 cm . date of creation : july 2007 - available - 280 euros
How to get to the Bastille Art Market :
Boulevard Richar Lenoir. PARIS 11 -
Metro : Bastille
website :
Montparnasse Art Market :

On Christine visiting the Art Market Bd Edgar Quinet?
Oil on paper : 15 x 20 cm . date of creation : july 2007 - available - 280 euros
Discover the Montparnasse Art market

Boulevard Edgar Quinet
Every sunday 10.30 am to 6.30 pm
metro station: "Edgar Quinet "
A Jack Russell in Paris :

Could I show you Paris without any image of a dog ? Of course not!
While we were walking on the bank of the Seine in the Ile de la Cité, a man was taking his 2 jacks for a walk. So I took a few snapshot to paint them.
Oil on paper : 15 x 20 cm . date of creation : july 2007 - available - 280 euros
Did you know that there are 200.000 dogs in Paris ?
It has been for long a real problem, mostly for foreigners...
did you read "God save la France" de Clarke ? So funny ! French men are supposed to have a third eye to avoid to walk in "it" ... lol
It is less and less true. We are making big efforts.
Tour Saint Jacques :

On ....
Oil on paper : 15 x 20 cm . date of creation : july 2007 - available - 280 euros
Tour Saint Jacques :
King .....

metro station: "Pont Neuf " or "Cité"
"Touring Paris "
on Saturday - at the Bastille Artists Market
on Sunday - at the Montparnasse Art Market
Metro: Bastille - Bd Richard Lenoir
Metro: Edgar Quinet - Bd Edgar Quinet