"Freddy Velge and the Rallye Nomade"
This French huntsman on the right, Frederic Velge, was in fact Belgium, but was living and hunting in the north of France in the Castle of Folembray. Does that name mean anything to you ? No, of course. Folembray is the anagram of Lambrefaut, and one of the most extraordinary novel written by Vialar tells the story of this castle and its owner, the Count of Lambrefaut. To make the story short, a few weeks per year, my Belgium friend of Vielsalm use to hunt roebuck in the forest around the castle on saturday, while Mr Velge and the "Rallye Nomade" hunt stag there on sunday. So I was introduced to him. He even bought the watercolour portrait of Evelyn.. because at the last moment, I added on this portrait a very charming gentleman who was smiling with finesse. When I exhibit this painting, this man has just died and he was Frederic Velge's closest friend.

In this watercolor painting, I love the sky and these trees in their winter nudity.
Freddy Velge was a business man and used to travel a lot. Once, as he was in the United States for business, he discovered that his neighbour in a meeting, was born exactly the same day of the same year. And he learnt that this twin was a huntsman in America when Frederic was huntsman in France. So they became friends and decided to have their birthday party together, one year in France and the next year in America. The american huntsman came first. He came with his wife, sons and brides and hunting friends... and they came hunting stag, then boar, then roe deer... discovered the best Champagne cellars and the birthday party was a huge fiest. They had brought a great many of small birthday presents.
One year later, Frederic Velge, his family and the hunters of the Rallye Nomade were supposed to cross the Atlantic Ocean for a birthday party in USA. Instead of bringing many parcels, they decided to bring just one but a great one. They asked me to create a painting, giving me a total free hand.
I had taken a very interesting photo of their hunting hounds half a second before the rush at the end of the hunting party. I used it as reference photo for my painting, and did a very realistic watercolor.


The frame was very special.
I painted on it a loose and light watercolor, showing France on the right, with the Eiffel tower and roofs of Paris, on the right New York and the Liberty Statue, and all the french hunters crossing the Ocean. Some were in Balloon, some rowing, or wind-surfing, horses and hounds were swimming... while at the other end of the Ocean the red coated american hunters were waving hands to welcome their new friends and the foxes were hiding themselves in their holes. I had fun drawing that with my paint-brush. That was a really personalized gift.
Every one has been very happy with that painting. I would be delighted if his actual owner let me a word on my guest-book.