The Springer Spaniel (Painting)
When I started this painting, I had a great contact with an American agent who launched an hyper realist wildlife painter who is now a super-star. She visited my exhibition in Brussels, examinating my paintings with a sharp professional eye. On one of the paintings, she found a fault on the back leg of one of the six dogs. I decided to paint this picture especially for her eyes, giving the best of my know-how, so she could-n't say anything else than "Bravo".

Here is the painting. It is watercolor 22" x 30"
If you look at the reference photo, you can play to find all the differences.
There is fire in the chimney and the fireguard disappeared, the rucksack on the seat vanished.
And the cap is slightly different. In fact this cap changed position in each photo, as if it had a life of its own.
The dog's body turned so you can see the brown spot on his fur.
The whole painting took more than 3 months, the bag itself took 15 days.. on the next page I shall show you details. It 's the craziest work I've ever painted.

Below you have the detail of the dog's head.

If you think, there 's a single hair a little thicker than on the real dog, tell me.
"errare humanum est"...

Alain spent 15 minutes with his eyes ten centimetres from the painting admiring the details without uttering a word.

You can see the signature in the medal..
For fun, I wrote : "Cyrille Jubert's fan"


I don't want to bother you... I had very close details, showing an enlarged image of the interlaced thread of the seam ...
Believe me : it 's a great job !

Always say good things about yourself, people will repeat it
and everyone will forget who said it first

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