"Watercolour Paintings : my masterpieces"

"Watercolour masterpieces, in an unexpected register for watercolors, hyperrealism. These paintings are though closer to British classical XIXth Art than photorealism or even realism. The artist sublimate the scenes painting against the light with his colourful palette."
These dog paintings could hardly be compared to any dog portraits. They are, at first, very classical paintings describing interior deht to a hobby in meaningful scenes where the dogs will bring life. corations with a real atmospheres, a personal sense of light, colours and perspectives. These classical paintings are built like still-lifes, gathering objects tight to a passion and painted with amazing details, like in Flemish or Dutch paintings."
These dogs paintings are also the most personalised dog portraits you could ever find. Each one of these dog paintings has been painted on commission and presents my client's hobby, personal objects and pet dogs. Painted in a very realistic manner but still full of poetry, they are masterpieces in a collector's paintings gallery.
Clicking on each one of these paintings, you will acceed to an enlarged view of the picture, showing interesting details and the story of its creation. I recomand to follow the guided tour to understand how Cyrille Jubert came from basic pets portraits to these sophisticated dog paintings.

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