"Libro de Visitas"

Here are your comments on my paintings sent from all over the world.
Thanks to each one of you.

Nom:Mr jacques zerr
Adr: roanne France
Message: Bonjour, J'ai vu votre courrier sur Yahoo groupes, j'ai lu la le?on n°2 d'aquarelle, portrait de chien et mis cette page sera dans mes favoris.
C'est merveilleux ! un festival de couleurs et de justesse. Quel m?tier !

J'ai vu ^ Anvers des aquarelles animali?res de Carl Brenders, vous devez le conna"tre. Vous peignez aussi bien sinon mieux.
Je me dis que j'ai bcp de progr?s ^ faire (je le savais avant de voir vos aquarelles ;-) )
merci pour les le?ons que je vais relire attentivement. JZ

Nom: Mme patricia rangel
Adr: La Paz Mexico
Message: I am amazed to know that you started to paint in 1996. Your work is truly fantastic. I never had the chance to study painting formally, but now (I«m 53) I have the time to paint and paint...and paint and I am working in a series of windows, trying to achieve the trompe l«oeil effect. Taking a look at your work and lessons helped a lot, because I always include an animal, whether a cat or a dog (I love animals). So, I just wanted to congratulate you, and if it is fans you want...count me in! Regards Patricia

Nom: Lauren Langford-Delayre
A dr: Bellaire, TX USA
Message: Simply fabulous. I have studied and studied your work and lesson. WOW! Lauren

Nom: Tania Baker
Adr: North Shields UK
Message: Hi Cyrille. I enjoyed reading your stories. The site is very interesting and with a nice sense of humour. All paintings, drawings are stunning. Just brilliant!! You are very talented.
Regards, Tania

Nom: Mrs Ginette Dignard
adr: Montr?al Canada
Message: Bonjour, J'ai d?couvert votre site par le biais du forum de Nicole Jahan sur lequel je suis inscrite. C'est la premi?re fois que je ressens le besoin d'?crire dans un livre d'or, mais ici, je ne peux m'en emp?cher! Votre histoire, vos protraits, vos aquarelles... me font tomber sur le cul... expression qu?b?coise qui veut dire "me renversent".
C'est incroyable d'avoir tout ce talent et de ne le d?couvrir qu'^ 42 ans! Vos premiers dessins et portraits prouvent que ce talent germait depuis longtemps en vous et ?tait arriv? ^ maturit? au moment d'exploser!

Je vous admire et je vous envie. ?a fait maintenant 10 ans que je m'ent?te ^ vouloir faire quelque chose de bien avec l'aquarelle, malheureusement, sans grands r?sultats. Tout manque de profondeur, de transparence, de vie. Je sais, j'ai besoin de cours, mais je n'ai pas encore trouv? de cours dont le professeur avait un style qui m'attire et que j'admire (vous venez quand ^ Montr?al??!) Voil^, je voulais simplement vous dire que vos oeuvres me touchent beaucoup et qu'elle me laissent bouche b?e, m?me si je n'ai pas de chien! (j'ai eu un vizsla, mais j'ai d? le donner ^ des gens de la campagne par souci pour son bonheur).
Amicalement, Gigi

Note de Cyrille: Gigi avait passé une nuit avec moi... en tout bien tout honneur, s'entend.. à lire la centaine de pages en français. Le lendemain soir, elle a eu la curiosité de lire les pages anglaises de "". Son deuxième message était "Cyrille, c'est épouvantable le nombre de fautes d'orthographe et de syntaxe dans tes pages en anglais. Si tu veux, je te les corrige." J'ai dit "chiche!"
Et bien "Chapeau!" Gigi a corrigé (très sévèrement ) la visite guidée... un travail énorme! qui s'est étalé sur un mois ou deux. Elle mérite un énorme Bravo, toute ma reconnaissance et toute mon affection.

Qui me traduit les pages en Espagnol ? ou en japonnais ?

Nom: Mr James Williams
Adr: heathfield UK
Message: Really exquisite water-colours. In such detail and realistic colours. Your's is a fascinating story and I have really enjoyed the reading. Thanks for a very interesting read. Cheers Jim

Nom: Mrs Frances
adr: Shannon Ireland
Message: Hello Cyrille! No, we have never met. I just discovered your incredible work on wet canvas and marvel at your genious. I will look for your instruction and remarks there in the future. Thank you so much for your kind reply. Frances

Nom: Mme c?line imbott
adr: mezy sur seine france
Message: tr?s sympa votre site et vos dessins sont tr?s beaux. j'aime beaucoup le dessin et l'art en g?n?ral. je pr?f?re les portraits et les nus mais je trouve tr?s bien ce que vous fa"tes. vous avez beaucoup d'humour en plus ce qui ne gache rien. bravo !

Nom: Mlle Kasha Puskarz
A dr: Athens United States
Message: I loved your webpage. I am also an artist(beginning) and I would very much like to learn to paint and draw my favorite furry friends- If I can ask advise without stepping on your toes ( american expression of how not to be too rude) How did you learn this art and what books/ webpages/ other might you recommend to a beginner? I would greatly appreciate any advise you could recommend. Thank you Kasha

Nom: Mme rose desnoyers
Adr: cornwall ontario Canada
Message: merci pour ces 30 minutes d'apprentissage. Ta p?dagogie est simple mais riche et motivante. Tu me donnes le go?t...

Nom: Mme sheila Hignett
Adr: Alnwick England
Message: What a great website! C'est magnifique! I am trying to draw a poodle at the moment so your drawing has been of great help. I will now have another try. Your watercolour portraits are also wonderful. I will try and learn from some of your lessons. I will put your site on my favourite list. Merci beaucoup

Nom: Mr Brad Chaffin
Adr: Fremont Usa
Message: Great work!

Nom: Mlle C?line Fraipont
Adr: Belgique
Message: Je suis tomb?e par hasard sur votre site. En effet, je cherche des pistes pour m'aider ^ dessiner (je suis une pi?tre dessinatrice qui ne fait ca que pour son pur plaisir). Votre site ne m'a pas vraiment aid? sur ce point de vue l^, il est vrai... Mais les dessins m'ont beaucoup touch? ! C'est vraiment superbe ! J'ai commenc? par la photo du caniche puis j'ai suivi la visite... Je vous f?licite pour votre travail en finesse dans chacun de vos dessins ! Et pourtant je d?teste les chiens ;.)
Encore f?licitations ! ! ! C?line

Nom: Mme Loren Kirkpatrick
Adr: Nashville USA
Message: Linked to your site through your Workshop Lesson on WetCanvas!
Learned so much -and your running commentary is just great. Oh, I think I'm in love!

Nom: Mr Reinhard Lindner
Adr: Kelkheim Germany
Message: Dear Cyrille, we already posted in WC but I wanted to take this opportunity to comment not only on your spectacular artwork which is awe-inspiring and intimidating to a beginning drawer - I would not dare to use the word "artist" for me on your website - but as well to comment about your comments.
It is an inspiration to see your excellent work and read the sparkling comments you attached to them. Really thanks. I will, I admit that, shamelessly try to copy your drawing hoping that by practising. Doing that it is my sincerest hope that some of your charme, brilliance, and extremely fantastic talent might "infect" me. In other words, I hope I will be able to learn something. It goes without saying, and this on a more serious not, that all my endeavours are only for me to learn in my little office and will never be shown anywhere else.
As they say, the best way to learn is to copy the masters. You are a master, so please don't squint and shiver too much that a beginner like me want tries to do such a shamefull thing to learn.
Thanks again and salut,

Nom: Mme marie andr?e simon
Adr: dijon France
Message: J'ai d?couvert votre site par le plus grand des hasards... je cherchais des mod?les de roses car j'essaye de peindre et pour l'instant j'en suis aux fleurs...?a me permet de d?corer ma maison car je n'ai pas d'autres pr?tentions ! mais l^ je suis vraiment ?pat?e et vous f?licite chaleureusement pour votre talent mais aussi pour votre patience envers les artistes "consacr?s" qui m'ont d?courag?e (moi aussi comme tant d'autres...) d'aller plus loin...bizarre quand m?me que mes amies qui me passent des commandes (d'amitit?) trouvent que ce n'est pas si nul !! et au cas o? je penserais que c'est une flaterie, elles mettent ce que je leur fais sur leurs murs, et en bonne place !! blague ^ part, je n'ai aucun niveau et suis subjugu?e par le v(TM)tre ! que vous dire ^ part des f?licitations et des incitations ^ continuer... bien ^ vous mismas

Nom:Richard Baum
Adr: Ontario, California, USA
Mess: Hi, Cyrille, I wanted to say how exciting, and informative, I found the first page of your tutorial on painting the dog with four pigments.
Your discussion and your visuals pointing out light source & color combos is really neat!
Your page just jumps out and says "Look here, see this, paint that"...very, very cool!
Needless to say, I enjoyed the rest of your tutorial as well, but the light/color discussion of the first page is really top notch. Thanks for sharing it via WetCanvas. Is their any chance you have others like this?
Learning to "see" has been the hardest for me. I'm struggling with learning what it appears you just picked up and ran with...for me, it's been a slow and slightly painful journey. Well, thanks again.
Richard Baum, (please don't hold that against me, I didn't vote for this fool, Bush) :>)

Nom: Mme Cherryl Meggs
Adr: San Antonio, TX U.S.A
Message: You work is beyond fabulous! Thank you for the lesson!
Cherryl Meggs

Nom: Mme Lucia Kelly
Adr: Virginia Beach, VA USA
Message: Love your work, particularly the pencil drawings. I am trying to draw my 6-month-old grand neice right now, but am having trouble with hair. Pencil is not very forgiving when you make mistakes.
Sincerely, Lucia Kelly

Nom: Carrie Duncan
Adr: Ireland
Message: your 4-color portrait is magical. YouÕve captured that dogÕs essence. Absolutely extraordinary that this can be done with only 4 colors.
The Photoshop pushed image really helped to illustrate what you were trying to get your readers to see.
I donÕt paint, but bought brushes and paints nearly 10 years ago (Windsor and Newton) and have never had the nerve to crack them before.
This might just do it. Thanks for your step by step. So generous.
I praise you to the sky! Your fan,
Carrie Duncan

Nom: Ch de Poix
Adr: Sevres France
Message: Je tenais ^ vous f?liciter pour la qualit? et le cot? tr?s vivant et prenant de votre site internet. Vous avez beaucoup de talent et nous viendrons certainement ^ l'une de vos prochaines expos ^ Paris.
A bient(TM)t. Cordialement - Charles

Nom: Mlle Mary K. Goodwin
Adr: St. Louis USA
Message: I thoroughly enjoyed your wit and loved your paintings. Thank you so much for sharing your art. I am very inspired by your work. Sincerely,
Mary K. Goodwin

Nom: Mlle Kate Eldridge
Adr: Great Falls United States
Message: Dear Mr. Jubert, Your work is truely magnificent.
I especially like 'The Stag Hunter's Dog.' Out of curiosity, what is the cost of a commissioned work? Do have any plans of showing your art in the United States?
Sincerely, Kate Eldridge

Nom: Mrs justine Osborne
Adr: London UK
Message: Bonjour,
What a thouroughly entertaining website! I like you wit and humour and of course your paintings are beautiful. I have a basset, I love the hounds. France have such beautiful hounds scarcely seen in the UK.
I too am a dog painter, but feel ra
ther humbled after seeing your fantastic site - a great inspiration!

Nom: Mlle Carmel O'Rielly
Adr: Rosewood Villiage Elizabeth Australia
Message: HI Cyrille, Your Site is an amazing WONDERLAND !
Your Talent is exceptional! I will brouse amny hours away in here for sure!................ Carmel-Anne

Nom: Mme Maria gauttieri-tiergo
Adr: Neuilly sur Seine France
Message: Bonjour "beau-gosse"!
que de compliments merveilleux tout au long de vos expos, que pourrais-je ajouter de plus que n'ait ?t? dit! Je suis tomb?e par hasard sur votre site "Le Mus?e du chien" et devant vos cr?ations j'ai ressenti toute l'?motion particuli?re qui vient de la connaissance profonde de cet ?tre merveilleux qui nous donne sans rien demander, tout au long de sa courte vie! Merci de lui ?lever un si beau paradis sur terre!
Je serais la plus heureuse du monde si vous me ferez parvenir votre calandrier prochain en r?gion parisienne ou en France, et je ferais de mon possible pour venir admirer vos oeuvres.
Avec gratitude de nous offrir tant de beaut?. Amicalement Rita

Nom: Mme Edna Brown
Adr: Carrickfergus Northern Ireland
Message: I have came across your site looking for inspiration on painting dogs. I am totally self taught and have just started painting a few years ago. You have so much talent I wonder why you only discovered this in 1996!
Thanks for sharing your dog museum and best wishes for your future success. I loved it!

Nom: Mlle Hanneke Teunissen
Adr: Leiden The Netherlands
Message: I clicked first on the nasty whipping boy to the right of the guestbook web page, but that didn't get me very far - only as far as 'le neant' - so there was nothing left for me to do but go back and click on the picture on the left and become a member of your fan club...
so here I am - a new Cyrillette. And now it turns out I think your paintings are fantastic -
I can't think of any other word. I would almost go out to get myself a Jack Russell just so I can commission a painting by you. Once my own website of horse paintings is up, I will give you the chance to become one of the first members of my exlusive fan club, the...well, what would I call them...the Hanneke-ans? But besides the aspect of self-interest to this message, I just wanted to let you know how much I like your paintings!
Kind regards, Hanneke Teunissen

Nom: Mme Michelle thiffeault
adr: shawinigan Canada
Message: D?sol? pour le n'est pas des plus riches mais j'ai bien appr?ci? votre votre premier dessin ?tait vraiment superbe. J'aime aussi le dessin.....mais je n'ai pas la pr?tention de me dire artiste. Vos peintures sont superbes.....sp?cialement la premi?re. En fait je vous ?cris car je suis a la recherche du nom pour reproduire une peinture mais je n'en connais pas l'artiste. C'est une peinture de chiens qui s'amusent a un poker dans une atmosph?re de bar ou de petite salle en fum?e tout en prenant un verre. J'aimerais essayer de la reproduire. En tant qu'artiste, je sais que vous aimez cette race alors si vous connaissez l'artiste pourriez-vous me le donner. Je vous remercie a l'avance et votre site est tr?s bien. Vous m'avez touch? par vos peintures et votre humour. Merci et bonne journ?e!

Nom: Mme marianne cannavo
adr: Walnut Creek California USA
Message: Well designed (and interesting) website - most of all love the commentary. Yes, you are indeed a gifted artist. What a wonderful story to become a working artist at 42 years young. ( ... nice to be well connected too.) Though I prefer horses and cats as companions - dogs are much more interesting as an art subject and you certainly capture their character and charm. Your art is inspiring - thanks for sharing your work and your honest insights. Bravo! Marianne

Nom: Mme Sherbunny
adr: OR USA
Message: Your web site keeps getting better! I like the article on pet photography. Including the lesson was a wonderful touch too. If you list a free lesson in your description for the search engines you will increase your traffic to the site. You probably already knew that, but just in case. If you could put a couple of these lessons together on a CD you would sell many of them also. Nice job Mr. Jubert!
Madame Muttzncatz

Nom: Mr William Smith
adr: San Antonio Texas USA
Message: I enjoyed the tour describing the evolution of your fine artwork immensely. Your humor and undeniable talent for capturing the personality of your subject brightened my day. It would be my pleasure to discuss with you a commision for a painting of my loyal friend. Please contact me at your convenience. Sincerely, William Smith

Nom: Mr Neil Adams
adr: Edinburgh, Ecosse UK
Message: Cyrille, I hate dogs, but I love your website.
Keep up the good work... It is inspirational for us oldies! I shall recommend you to my friends. Yours, Neil Adams.

Nom: Mme Elena
Adr: Moscow Russia
Message: Dear artist, Your pictures are beautiful! And especially I would like to thank you for your lessons! Its very interesting!!! I'll be waiting for new lessons more, more, more! Thank you very much!

Nom: audrey di mascio
message bonjour, je viens de visiter le site du musee du chien. je tiens a vous feliciter pour vos oeuvres. je suis moi meme peintre et je tiens a commencer a peindre des chiens et des chats. j'ai un jack russel et un york et j'admire a la facon que vous avez de representer les jack russell. existe-t-il un catalogue de vos oeuvres et si oui ou pourrais-je l'obtenir?
je vous remercie d'avance pour votre reponse, a bientot, audrey D.

Nom: Mr Christian CATTARIN
Message: Nous sommes pass?s ^ Knokke ce w.end et avons pu admirer vos oeuvres pleines de sensibilit? et aussi, parfois, d'humour. Nous ?tions quatre amis ^ nous ?merveiller. De retour au boulot, vite, vite sur le site - cela a prolong? le plaisir... Bravo et ... bon vent ^ vous pour tous vos projets.

Nom: Mlle Janet DeMay
Granada Hills, California U.S.A.
Message: Dear Mr. Jubert, Do you have any prints for sale of your original watercolor paintings? Perhaps you only do commissions. But I thought I would ask. Your paintings are so elegant,tasteful and beautiful. They capture the energy of the animals so clearly not like any other artist I have seen. Please let me know about prints. Thank You, Mme. Janet DeMay

Nom: Mlle maureen deLaurell
adr: Little Rock, Arkansas USA
Message: Very nice website. I enjoyed seeing your work. Your story, how you began your art, is quite interesting and educational.
Mme Terralyn Barfield
adr: Washington USA
Message: Hi Cyrille! I found your site via Alan Blair's via Wet Canvas, and have enjoyed spending the morning with you. I am just beginning dog portraiture and find your work and inspiration. I love your inclusion of the master's hobbies in your works and the stories they tell. Also your perspective at ground-level. My favorite is 'Conspiracy', but I also like your little study of the hound in what looks like a tub under the water faucet. Oh, and the wire-haired dachshunds I had one named Schnaups. Anyway, kudos to you! Terralyn P.S. Thanks for the English version. I love to visit other countries, but am hopeless at languages, especially French.....lived in New Orleans for a while and really butchered it.
My theory on French language:
Theory #1: If you can say it, you'll never remember how to spell it and if you remember how to spell it, you'll never learn how to pronounce it properly.
Theory #2: Just pronounce the first 3 letters of any word and throw the rest away....... (Mind you, I've never taken French in school, only German and Spanish, and now when I try to use either, I mix them together!)
Theory #3: If you can't speak French well, don't try to speak it at all. The French hate it when you butcher their language. Oui?
Nom : Robin Nielsen
Adr : Colorado USA
Mess : Cyrille - i am delighted by your generosity in sharing your art and your approach to the subject, as well as your technique! thank you so much! frankly, your paintings take my breath away... if i could paint like that, i wouldn't even try to be objective. i saw your demo in WC! and that's how i ended up at the "museum". i am offering my website... if you wish to comment, please do. thank you for brightening my day! robin

Cyrille's answer
Hi Robin thanks
first image on your website... I travel through space and time ... it is summer end of june ... the grass is full of seeds under the heavy sun ... around 1 or 2 pm, there is no more dew .. not too warm with this wind coming from the north
so Bravo !! a great painting .. full of feelings that we share with you... everything is melt in this light.. I love it
Clicking on "the art" I have a very short glance for the horse ... zapp to the cat .. (why?.. I am not a pro on horses.. lack of color ?) my eye is magnetized by the cat ... why ? I am not fond of them ! but yours have fresh colors and he says something ... I try to know what ? I like the painting at first glance.. and that is important... on the right... an animal .. is it a bear ? is it a dog ? so I cannot say ... loose watercolor .. pleasant but ...
but from the first page, I don't know what it is ... and I won't jump on it either because I need strong colors
What else ... flowers well painted ... wont go ans see it either... flowers most of the times bores me from memory ... a portrait ...well done .. rather loose cool ! Most of the time, I don't like portraits in watercolor... I even decided to forbid me to paint any ;-))
I remind a doggy.. fun loose portrait ... well done .. I 'll have a look later on alsatian sheepdogs ... I will flee .. ;-)) a strange portrait of a border collie ... what is that on the left ? hum ? oh yes a sheep ! fun idea .. bravo ... I see your intention ... the border has to push the sheep out of the frame ... fun Perhap's I would have shown a little more of the sheep ... but a great idea what else ... still from my memory a beautiful landscape .. a house in a valley ... it is fress .. lovely ... I want to see this one closer ...

I write telling what I feel ... first impressions ... I am sure nobody did that with your site before ? zapping to I love the first portrait on the left ... warm colors, strong strokes, loose portrait .. the dog is confident, you feel at home the second one is boring ... because the dog is bored .. his ears are down ... his eyes don't tell anything The third one disturb me .. too close from the camera.. I see half the head .. at first glance, it seems that the bottom jaw is not here and the neck too (contrast them) .. from memory ... there are 2 or 3 portraits with 2 dogs ... that means weaker portraits .. Once more, my eye want to see the cat ... it is strong and beautiful .. I love that painting.. I will have a closer look I remember that I liked at firts glance the light on the cocker's head at bottom right His neighbour is really fun ... (same palette as mine in my demo ;-)) the retriever with the pheasant ... well painted.. the pheasnt should perhaps be more finished.. the painting would have been sitted. the lab at bottom left has too much light ... this cat is outstanding !!!!! something inspired of japanese or chinese masters !!! Bravo ... pure strong loose !!! for the other dogs ... you did well with poor photos ... that's why you should work more on photos ... find tricks to interest dogs to make them think ... bring a frog in your pocket .. or a mechanical car or anything ... a young bitch so they will start charming her... That is the most difficult thing .. to get outstanding photos Landscapes my favorites the dog sitted looking at the men in the field... it seems like the painting of "st Petersbourg school" neo impressionist having a closer look ... I still like the dog .. you didn't need the orange plastic bags ... but I can understand that gives colours.. and you should have damped the riders to melt them a bit in the landscape ... beautiful blue in the shadow of the dog ... matching with the strong warm colors of the grass ... I love it I criticize because I really like this painting... I hope it could help next time... I love the cupboard too ... strong colors.. interesting details.. a real atmosphere . you want to be there during summer holidays I liked the first garden top-left ... idem an atmosphere .. a fresh corner ... beautiful negative painting ! Interesting portrait. very strong. discovering a new page ... You should enlarge the sign "previous-next" I thought I had seen everything so I found the page of portraits I love the tall one with red haired !!! bravo and the small curly red haired too ... fun glance I am crazy with red-haired... Once I will retired in Ireland ;-)) the woman is interesting too ... strong character and strong painting ... Kids bof !!! did you paint them on commission ? the artist ... ? ? ? is Robin this young blond lady ? I thought it was a male name Anyway Your paintings are strong and beautiful ... I told you exactly what I felt page after page long thread ;-)) Pricing ... no prices .. a great website ... You should perhap's .. but it is true for me too ;-)) keep only the best of your paintings I know .. people want to see their breed of dog .. so !!
So you have good reasons to be fully confident in your talent if you read this story you could be interested by Edie's website you will love some of her paintings
tell me cheers cyrille
Nom : Laurent-Bernard F?ral
Adr : Maisons Laffitte France
Mess : Bravo pour votre site, et surtout pour la qualit? de vos nombreuses oeuvres expos?es. J'ai flan? dans le stand "on-line" avec beaucoup de le souhait d'acqu?rir une de vos oeuvres d?s que mes finances, actuellement modestes, me le permettront! Encore bravo. Mettez moi sur la liste de vos prochaines expos. Cordialement LBF
Dana Thompson
Cyrille.Your dead birds are exquisite!.I like dead birds too!! I have a dead rooster in my house..taxidermy..and a deer..and a bear..and a rattlesnake..lots of dead things!! LOL..But I love hounds! Did you know that you and I started painting at the same age in our life!! And we both do peepee and poop hounds!!! Dana