Poodle 's graphite portrait

I have never been very fond of poodle, but this graphite portrait is one my favorite drawings in graphite pencils. I am not far to think it is a drawing masterpiece.. at least it is a charming doodle.
The client who gave me that portrait on commission, came at the last hour of a terrible exhibition in the countryside where I did not have any contact... and he bargained the price of this commission. You can imagine how upset I was, but I accepted the deal.

As I was in my "atelier", looking at this poodle's photo, it seemed impossible to me to draw such a complicated fur : Curls and waves, sophisticated undulations and this incredible tangling of silky fur. I stayed for hours in front of my white page wondering how I could draw that poodle portrait. Then some one called me on the phone, and while I was listening, my hand started automatically to sketch and doodle. The drawing came out by itself because my pencil was not blocked by my fear. This phone call lasted a very long time.. and at the end, the poodle portrait had come out of the paper. His curls and waves were combed with my pencil in a awesome scribble. I just had to add a few thousand of pencil strokes, densify the shadows, multiply the furs, sharpen the eye, wet the nose .... I used a LOT of graphite pencils but at the end, it was a drawing masterpiece.
When I deliver this drawing portrait at my client's home, this #@°% nasty poodle did bite my hand to blood ! It is the only dog who ever bit me.
I love these pets !

on the left, you have the drawing portrait of a westie.

On the right,

a new drawing : portrait of a shepherd

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