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Graphite Portrait of a Picardy Shepherd
Here is a graphite drawing like I love them. This drawing with graphite pencils of a picardian shepherd shows a very tall dog, rather similar to the images of the wolves in the children tales. The picardian or Picardy shepheard has a grey fur with silver reflects. It seemed to me that it was better to create this portrait in graphite pencil than in watercolour. In graphite pencils, should I say, as I used all the grey and black shades of the lead pencils to finally chisel the fur of the dog, its light and shadows.

I met this client in a floral show, close to Bruxelles, in may 2004. Let me tell you this story.

I have a friend who is often a really good painter and his wife is a great art seller. Once, I called them to have fresh news and she tells me that they come back from a show in Bruxelles. She added :
-"it is the last time, I shall go there!"
- Ah ? Tell me why ?
-"It was the most snob place in Belgium. The kind of very chic persons that I hate."
- Where was it ? Tell me.. it seems to be the exact place where I love to exhibit. A place where people loves to see and to be seen.
I HAD to be there!!

.. and then, I struggled with the owners of these "Aywiers Gardens" to be sure to get the best place at their next Show in may. It was a great idea. I met there a great number of friends, clients and fans and got new commissions for dogs and kids portraits.

It is that day that I met the mistress of this sumptuous dog, Madame Marcolini, who was very surprised that her name did not meant anything to me.

Marcolini ? I felt myself like a farmer from Iowa (you know what I mean .. they can be worse than farmer from Danubian valley) .. I was hearing this name for the first time. The Marcolini's chocolates are supposed to be what Rolls Royce is for cars, Hermes for saddlery, Louis Vuitton for luggages...
I should add and Cyrille Jubert for dogs portraits
Very good, very chic and not really cheap ... lol
So we chose a date for the photos of her picardian shepherd. When I arrived in her drawing-room, I saw through the wide open bay windows a terrible wolf, as tall as a donkey, barking and galloping at me. I had just one idea, climb to the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I did not move looking at my death, eyes wide open. The monster jumped at me, scratching my cheeks with his claws. I was saved because I was less frightened than shocked to see his paws on my cashmere sweater. The dog was rather wild. In a few minutes, I succeeded to dominate him with simple orders: "Sit! Quiet !". It seems to me that nobody use to give him orders. Nevertheless, I never dared to lie on the soil to take my photos.
I can be courageous but not reckless
Madame Marcolini, who has a real good taste ... was very fond of my dogs paintings ...and was willing to commission me a new masterpiece (is this word to weak ?) on the theme of "love for chocolate"... That was a great idea ... but including her charming pet monster in the painting. Gloups!!
Her aim was to use this picture as an advertising medium for the Marcolini's chocolates. That meant a lot of royalties and advantages for me. But I am often enough childish to say "the king is nude!". In that case, I told her that this frightening dog looking like the wolf in "Little Red Riding Hood" was perhaps rather far of the subtle and delicate universe of Marcolini's chocolates. I supposed I was once more a poor diplomat and lost a great occasion to keep my mouth closed.

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portrait of a westie in graphite pencils

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drawing of children with their pets

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