"Three jack russell puppies"
These 3 little babies of Jack russell terrier made me melt, so I created three watercolor paintings from the best photos. Look at that pop on the left, he does not have his eyes open yet.
You can at once understand which pop is the elder and the dominant dog in this kennel. On the picture on the left, he looks over his brother. On the middle, he is on the first rank and the others puppies stay behind him.
On the right, as they are playing, he is over his brothers. These painting were "so sweet"... much too sweet for my taste.

I dont like to paint such melting subjects. It is too "easy" ! too mild ! nearly "pretty-pretty"
I painted them, hoping someone will take the triptych and hang them in his children bedroom, but the story was different.

Once an old friend of the family arrived in the "Paris Country Show" and, from as far as he could, he shouted : "Cyrille, I am here to buy one of your pictures!" The last time I saw him before that day, was 30 years earlier. Facing the other artists, my mates, I felt mortified. As he had a broken leg, and could not walk, he was in a small electric car, like on a golf green. He asked his grand-daughter to go and choose her favourite frame. She chose one of these pictures, of course. I was not at all happy. Since then, her grandfather became attached to me and we have very friendly relationship. When he wants to offer something, he calls me to place an order. He is great. Kind of "Gatsby the magnificent"
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