Staghunt Hounds Drawing
May 1998, for my second Art Show, I sent an invitation card with on the front page my first watercolor dog portrait and on the inside pages, my first graphite pencils drawing of the dachshound you just saw on the previous page. This Card gave many dogs portraits on commission.
So I received a phone call from a Huntsman asking me to sketch his staghunt hounds. I was very proud, because he wanted that my drawing make a pair with the sketches of a very famous french Master of the past, Karl Reille. But in the same time, I did not want to sell a simple sketch. I wanted that my drawing show all my skill in a very finished picture. A drawing that really looks like mine with a lot of details.
So I let a few monthes between the commission and the delivery of my work, hoping he would forget his specifications. Meanwhile, I drawin graphite pencils a sumptuous drawing, with great details of the fur, strong contrast and colors even if it was in Black & White..
Around the central drawing, I draw a decor with oval windows where I sketched his favourites dogs. There were rubans underneath with the hounds's names... It was ... it was ...Ah ! To describe how majestuous it was, I cannot find the words ...
Yes, it happens to me sometimes !
As I was very fond of the original photo I used for this drawing, I painted a huge watercolor portrait of these staghunt hounds. I am so proud of it that I cannot resist to show you a detail of this painting.

Yes this is a watercolor painting of the staghunt hounds 50x70 cm
It is not a photography.

The most difficult part of this painting was the hounds legs and paws. On the whole painting you could see 19 hounds he, so in theory, 76 paws, in fact there are about 50, plus there reflections on the wet soil. All these paws were white ! It was a huge work to paint all these shades of white to show their muscles and bones and to have a real depth in the picture.
When the master of the hounds saw that painting, he bought it immediatly enthusistically without bargaining.

Notice that, at that time, I was so shy to sell my work, that I could have paid my clients for hanging my paintings in their drawing room.

Nevertheless, I love this painting and I am very glad that it hangs in such a beautiful castle for the pleasure of such a dog lover.
Everything is fine so !
To come back to my drawings of staghunt hounds, when I exhibited this drawing, I got simillar drawings in pencil graphite on commission from two belgium ladies. I have just a photo of one of these drawings. The other one had more beautifull sketches on the frame, but both had a great central drawing. Look at the details underneath.

The next page shows a poodle, a drawing masterpiece !

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