Dachshund graphite drawing
When I exhibited my first drawing in graphite pencils, the portrait of this charming Lady, I got a commission for a dog portrait with pencils. It was a teckel (dachshund) whose mood was the reflect of his mistress's neurasthenia. When they both came at my home for the photo portrait reporting, the dog was looking at the soil very sadly. His eyes were dull and the dachshund seemed to cry about his own life.
I took a full film of photos but I knew I could not draw a good portrait with such snapshots of this dog.
We were in my garden, when all at once, two pigeons in the gutter of my neighbours's house felt the wind of springtime and started noisily to accomplish their conjugal duties.
I am speaking of the pigeons, not of the neighbours, of course
Nevertheless, this scene diverted a lot the dachshund.His eyes were now wide open, his smile became large under his moustaches and if my website was not a "family friendly site" I would have told you that all his body was bent. Anyway, this dachshund was a "bitch".
I knew I had a a few excellent photo portraits and I could start my drawing.
How to draw a Dachshund
Dachshunds have three kinds of fur.
On the spine, their fur is black and harsch, like the coat of a wild boar. To draw it, I used a "fat" pencil, probably a "2B".. the other "B" are so smooth, they are too difficult to sharpen.
On the flanks, the fur is red evoking a roebuck. To draw them, I used pencils from "3H" to "H", light or strong strokes, fur by fur, or shadow by shadow.
The moustaches seem to be made with very soft blond silk. I drew them with with light grey pencils, "4H" and "5H".
If you slide your mouse (or pointer) on the drawing, you will see more details of the head of this dachshund.

At the end, this drawing portrait was a real success and was reproduced in different magazines. For my second public exhibition, I printed it on my invitation card which had on the first page the watercolor portrait of the jack russell. It was a great idea and this drawing generated a lot of dogs portraits on commission.
The most interesting was this sketch of a pack of staghunt hounds. I show you details of this drawing next page.

I got other dachshund portraits on commission, I tell you the whole story in the guided tour about my dogs paintings. You can click on the image to jump directly to that story