the dog museum
Cavalier king charles Spaniel

If you read the "guided tour" of this dog Museum , you know that I was introduced to the Queen Fabiola of Belgium with the help of my aunt the Princesse Elisabeth de Caraman Chimay.
Of course, I hope to become her majesty's pet portraitist...
I should say, I hope to become the Queens 's favourite pet portraitist, as Queen Elisabeth is also one of my aims.
To thank the Princess for this royal presentation, I draw this ink portrait of her daughter's Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

This sweet little Lady is called: Lolita

At the end, I add a light watercolor layer, to show the blue reflects on the black fur, and to emphasize the brown-red eyebrows of the cavalier king charles but in fact, I prefer the original black and white ink drawing

If you are really close to her Majesty Elisabeth,
I would be very happy to offer you a portrait of your pet dog ...
when we shall have had tea with the glorious Queen, of course

Did you have a look with my graphite drawings ? Follow the guide