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Graphite Portrait of a Westie
Here is a detailed but very soft drawing all in shades. This black and white portrait of a westie shows a study of whites in graphite pencils.

This westie had a shampoo to have a beautiful white and clean fur for the photo portrait. He was then supposed to dry in the sun on the lawn of this wonderful villa in Normandy, close to Deauville. But he followed the children to the beach and took a bath before dry his fur in the sand. When he came back, he had a sticky coat, full of salt, sand and sea weeds.
I took the photos like that.

His mistress never went to see her westie's portrait.
In french we say : "I keep her a pup of my bitch"
I forgive but don't forget

I shall perhap's sell it on ebay one day

On the left hand side
portrait of a poodle in graphite pencils

On the right hand side
drawing of children with their pets

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