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"Pack of Staghunt hounds"
The pack of French tricoloured hunting hounds.
In 98, I printed an invitation card and sent it to all the French huntsmen. One of them, called me and gave me a commission to sketch some of his favourite hunting hounds. I took a lot of photos of his hounds in the kennel and in the forest, close-up of each hound but also large views of the pack of hounds. I think they are called French tricoloured hounds. These pack of staghunt hounds was bred in the kennel and really homogeneous. As I loved one of the photo I did, while the hounds were waiting for their soup, I tryed to paint it in watercolour, just for my pleasure. I did n't imagine it could be such a crazy work !
Yes this is a watercolour painting of the staghunt hounds 50x70 cm. this is not the reference photo.
The most difficult part of this watercolour painting was to paint the legs and paws of the hounds. You can see 22 hunting hounds here, so in theory there are 88 paws, in fact there are about 50, plus their reflections on the wet soil.
All the paws of the hounds are white ! It was a huge work to paint all these shades of white, to show their muscles and bones and to have a real depth in the picture between the hound in the foreground and the ones in the background.

When the master of the hounds, the Huntsman, Mr Monot, saw this painting, he was enthusiastic and bought it immediatly without bargaining.

It is true, that at that time, I would have paid my client to let them hang one of my paintings on their walls.
On the left, is a detail of the graphite drawing, I created on commission
You can recognize the hounds on the middle of the pack in the painting. I tell some amusing anecdotes on this work in the drawing pages. You will visit them later.
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