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"The guided tour" of "the dog portraits Museum" explains with a great humour the pet portraitist course, how Cyrille Jubert discovered watercolor at the age of 42, and painted his first dog portrait on commission. The dog portraitist presents then Jack Russell portraits and his labrador retrievers portraits. The artist explains you why his style changed from simple dog portraits to his last collector's dog paintings, where the dog brings the life in a composition, a scene staging his master's hobby. Six dog paintings presented with enlarged details and fun anecdotes.

Cyrille Jubert wrote a enhanced version of this humorous "guided tour", telling the story of 10 years of painting. He is now looking for an editor to publish this book. contact him

"Superrealist Dog Paintings Gallery" presents watercolor photorealist pictures where the dog is staged in a decor on the theme of his master's hobby. In this still-life, close to a "trompe l'oeil", the dog brings the life. These dog paintings are watercolor, but with such a contrast and so strong colors that you first think it is a photo.

"The Dog Portraits Gallery" presents a wide scale of superrealistic watercolor dog portraits from all breeds, jack russell terriers, labrador retrievers, Springer spaniels, carlins, sheepdogs, westie, cowherds, dachshound, pointer, hounds and gundogs...real pooch too. dog_portraits

The Drawings Gallery presents Cyril Jubert's skill in graphite pencil sketches. You will find blacklead drawings portraits of dogs, children with their pets, hounds. The artist tells you how he discovered drawing with pencils lately. He is still discovering the different pencils techniques. Soon you will see his first drawings with coloured pencils. Discover Four new children portraits and family portraits!! ... and a whole page of studies declining the same hounds but in different techniques : graphite pencil drawing, indian ink, sepia, watercolor, gold, engraving, tinting.. a great workshop

K9 Art prints collectibles" A boutique where you can buy my most awesome dog prints and posters. Collect these dog prints or offer them to your closest friends. you will find also very affordable "nested woodcocks"* prints and a "woodcock in still lfe".*

Cartoons & comics: fashion victims on the clothes line. Making fun of Burberry's addicts.

Press release : Luxurious watercolor paintings describes Cyrille Jubert's work. A heavy file in pdf for professional only

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